Wednesday, August 16, 2023

What I Desire....




I know that Love makes a difference.

I experience the power of Love daily.

I trust that I Am a Gift of Trust and Freedom.

I contribute the best I know to all I see, think, say and do.

(Personal sharing, because I care.)

What Do I Really Want?

I work for what I desire.

I use my thought and vision.

I pay attention to my words.

I do whatever I can do to make Goodness become a reality.

I live my life focused on what is in my heart to think and do and be.

I know my reality is in the way I choose to relate.

I recognize that my perceptions and interactions make a difference.

I am a contributor to what appears to be in our co-created reality.

On August 16-17, 1987 the Harmonic Convergence occurred.

It was the designated date to change our world perception from warlike to peaceful.

Where are we now when there is a greater need to live in harmony and equality for all humanity?

This is my time for prayer and creation of peace and harmony for all peoples of the earth.

Today is my birthday 8.16.42 at 11:43PM coming into this physical experience,

I was  seen as a gift of Love to my young parents and “guardians”.

They related to me not as their child to teach, but as merely as temporary guides if and when needed.

Their belief was that every child is truly a gift of God’s Love.

My legacy, my gift to myself, my inspiration is to give all that I am and have to Love!

In my inner inquiry, I know Love is Trust and Freedom.

Love is the Freedom to be, to learn, to heal, to create.

Love is the Trust in the learning, healing, and creating of every being.

I Love you and all, as I give myself to loving with freedom and trust.

I trust we will learn.

I trust we can heal our past.

I trust we can create what is good, beautiful and whole.

From years of experience both as a conscious child, adult and elder, I see the miracles of Love.

I know we can let go of the past and be awakened into our higher, conscious and holy selves.

I recognize there is much work yet to do.

I understand I must tend to my garden to awaken all the gardeners.

We are here together and we can heal what is mistaken.

We are here to co-create what is heaven on earth.

I have never lost the vision of peace on earth and goodwill to all humanity.

You are I are here together to remember what we can do.

Let us forgive and wash away our errors.

Let us love one another.

Let us co-create a better world for all our children and all.

Let us do whatever we can each day right here and right now.

I love you and bless what we can do together.

You are my partners is bringing our best to one another.

I love YOU.

Thank You for being in my life.

Betty Lue