Thursday, August 17, 2023

Vision and Create!





I listen to the higher calling and follow with faith.

I take care of my whole Self: mind, body and Spirit.

I trust the Universe supports and sustains me.

I know life is for giving and living the best I know.

Have What You Want!

Vision what you want.

See it and believe in it.

Create what you want.

Live it with your thoughts, words and actions.

Life is a creative process.

It is the purpose for which we came.

We can only create what we see and believe.

This is our time to create the peace and joy we desire.

In our minds and hearts we create.

In our words and actions we create.

In our relationships we create.

In our work and homes we create.

This is our time to awaken.

We are here to remember what we want.

We are here to undo what we don’t want.

We are here to do the work for our creating.

You can do what you really want to do.

You can be who you really want to be.

You can have what you really want to have.

Your everyday creations are teaching you.

Think deeply about what you really want.

Is it money and things or love and beauty?

Is it travel and teaching or nurturing your children?

Is is acquiring and lusting or sharing and caring?

You are here to explore, learn and experience Joy.

Your function is to recognize the power of Love and Goodness within.

Your purpose is to live with happiness and enjoy the life you have.

Your goal is to find and celebrate the Peace that passes understanding.

Indeed our lives are far more than we recognize and realize.

We have awakened to the awareness of the creative power in the word.

We are remembering the potential of Love and intention of only Good.

We are living this time to understand we must stay true to what we know.  

Let us use our inner vision to reveal what is for the Highest Good.

We each have an essential part to play in the unfolding.

We all can step up to contribute what is the best we know.

This is our time to reveal Goodness and Liberty and Justice for all.

I Am always Loving with Faith in the Love within us.

Betty Lue