Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Life Is Change




I affirm all good and only Good in my life.

I easily change my mind to what works for all.

My positive and affirming mind is a prayer of Good for my world.

I release all negative ways and trust in what is health and helpful for all.

How Have You Changed?

Change is natural.

Change is growth.

Change is healing.

Change is revealing.

Be aware of your changes and acknowledge them.

Be kind to your changes and enjoy them.

Be appreciative of your changes and refine them.

However you are changing is a reflection of your choices.

Are you tougher or more sensitive?

Are you more thoughtful or less considerate?

Do you feel heavier or lighter?

There are many ways we change our minds due to the circumstances we experience.

Are you more caring or more numb?

When we feel hurt, we may want to be numb.

When we believe we are a victim, we may want to defend ourselves.

When we imagine life is hard, we may want to be touch.

How you view your situation and relationships will change your choices.

Do you respond with love or react with fear?

Are you willing to accept or quick to judge?

Do you question and doubt or trust and believe?

When you see yourself as unfairly treated, you may avoid and protect yourself.

When you are resisting your situation, you may become tough and judgmental.

When you believe things are getting worse, you may want to quit, move or isolate.

You are choosing how you want to change to have the life you want to have.

Have you noticed any differences in how you feel?

Do you pay attention to how you look?

Are you aware of pain or fatigue in your body?

Do you feel self conscious or at ease with your self?

Do you look away with you talk with certain people?

Do you hold grievances or resentments?

Are you happy with your relationships?

Are you comfortable with familiar people and strangers?

Often people make decisions to change without considering the results.

You may want privacy one day and closeness another.

You may choose to listen more to one person and talk more with another.

You are always changing and adjusting to current circumstances in your own body, mind and energy.

When you can observe and appreciate your own changes, you will notice others are changing too.

Emotions, energy, thoughts, weather, politics, education, beliefs and more are always changing.

How you respond to your own changes will effect what others change when with you.

Be aware and learn to respond with acceptance and respect for your own changes;

Blessings for your willingness to notice your changes, 

Betty Lue