Friday, July 28, 2023

Just Do It!




It feels good to wake up to a clean and ordered home.

It inspires me to finish my work at the end of the day.

I am energized by doing what needs to be done.

I am responsible for being the one to get it done.

Save Time and Just Do It!

Stop fighting and just do it!

Stop blaming and just do it!

Stop demanding and just do it!

Stop wasting time and just do it!

Stop wishing and just do it!

Stop sitting on the couch and just do it!

Stop asking why or how and just do it!

Stop being annoyed and just do it!

We waste so much time waiting and wishing and wanting.

We complain, worry, judge, feel guilty and blame.

We wonder, question, doubt and get frustrated.

We can easily just do what we want to get done.

Throw out the junk food and drugs, alcohol and porn.

Turn off the TV and trash media, violent movies. 

Stop spending $ and time on junk, foolish cravings and stuff.

Use your time, energy and money on what is healthy.

Where there is addiction, stop and attend a recovery program.

Where there is waste, do something of value.

Where there is laziness, get to work on getting a life.

Where there is depression or anxiety, get busy.

The simple way is fun, safe and easy.

Letting go of what is bad for you is easy to do.

Undoing habits of numbing your pain is your choice.

Begin today with what you really want to be and do.

What are you waiting for?

Quick fix and prescribed drugs?

Magic helpers and miracle workers?

Be the one who cares and is willing to change your ways.

Look around and what do you see?

It is obvious when you wake up.

Make your bed and put away your clothes.

Give thanks as you make your breakfast and eat sitting down.

Turn off the TV, put down your phone and get busy with living a good life.

Be proud of each step as you make you life work for you.

When you look at your phone, answer the calls and delete what is not essential.

Stop reading the gossip on social media and ads for what you don’t need.

Do what you see needs to be done now.

Finish your work before you sit down.

Pay your bills before you buy anything more.

If you see it, it is yours to do.

I applaud you for taking on the challenge of doing what needs to be done,

Just do it and celebrate when it is done!

Betty Lue

Simple Guidelines for Families

Home is peaceful and safe place daily.

Main living space is clean and clear every night.

Everyone is responsible, respected and loved daily.

Three Home Rules (for everyone!: parents and kids!)

No fighting, yelling or rough-housing inside.  ( You can go outside if needed.)

Clean up your things before bedtime. ( Put your stuff into your room at bedtime,)

Respect your parents requests. (ie. teachers, caregivers, etc)