Saturday, June 10, 2023






I am pleased when I give and live my best.

Life is about how we play the game.

I value the joy of playing more than winning.

I practice these values in the game of life.

Are You A Good Sport?

Do you give others credit when credit is due?

Are you supportive of both sides when the play is fair?

Do you remember to give gratitude for good refereeing?

Are you appreciative of everyone who gives their best?

Sometimes in our comparative culture, we neglect to value all who give their best.

Sometimes kids and adults are taught to win to show their worth. 

Sometimes we forget to value the good plays and honest players.

At times we may teach our kids that winning is more important than playing our best.

Consider how you view sports and sportsmanship.

We are teaching others, especially our kids, what matters.

Remember to talk with respect, rather than negative talk.

Value good playing and not just the outcome.

Good sports in life are honest.

Good sports enjoy the play and respect the team. 

Good sports are dependable, reliable, respectful and appreciative.

Good sports practice and offer the best encouragement to others.

What kids learn from watching any competition is what they have learned to value.

What adults learn from how they respond to wins and losses is how to not give up on themselves.

What we all can learn from the way we participate is our enjoyment as well as the outcome.

We all can observe ourselves and others to see where our true values are in our life journey.

Ask yourself what really matters to you.

Make a note of how you are in playing the game of life.

Observe where you find joy and what you learn in participating and watching sporting events.

Metaphysically you can observe the learning potential in all things we watch and do.

Do you quit too soon?

Do you play fairly?

Do you value good play? 

Do you appreciate others for doing well?

Is it all about winning?

Do you keep learning?

Are you able to enjoy whether you win or lose?

Can you see the value of plain good play?

Do you encourage those who do not perform as well?

Are you willing to stop “trash talking” and destructive behavior?

Do you take the time to celebrate all who perform at their best?

Consider how you can be a good sport, win, lose or draw.

Be the best person you can be in all situations.

Notice how good it feels to play, perform and live at your best.

In every situation, think, speak and act with respect and gratitude.

Blessings for us supporting ourselves and others in living well,

Betty Lue

Life is for caring and sharing. 

When we care, we feel Alive  with Love.

When we share, we feel Good and True.

We are connected, when we Love.