Friday, June 09, 2023






I am here for and with all those who are called to be with me.

I learn and teach, give and receive, freely and openly with everyone who is willing.

I always align with the family of humanity for the highest Good of all.

I trust myself to listen within to honor what is mine to learn and do.

Who Is Your Family?

Family of Humanity?

Family of your Nationality?

Family of Birth?

Family of your Beliefs?

People seem to seek a place to belong.

People seek a place of safety and security.

People seek what shelters and guides them.

People seek what gives them life and provides for them.

Where we have connection and approval, we may call “family”.

Where we feel nurtured and nourished may be our family.

Where we have protection and provision, we may call them family.

Where we feel at home may be our family

We may reach out for what we want.

We may give up on what seems to be unavailable.

We may seek and heal the biological family we are born to.

We may even feel indebted to the family from which we have come.

As we mature and clarify our own values, we often create our own “family”.

This comes from those we feel akin to.

It fits for those we encounter in life and just seem to “know”.

Family is built within our frame of reference, both “inlaws and “outlaws" , friends and colleagues.

Animals may adopt family from another species, when left alone to fend for themselves.

People also may find neighbors with whom they relate and feel support.

We also may join a group of coworkers or colleagues where there is much in common.

There are communities and religious groups when join together as family.

Ascertain your own values and beliefs.

Live in integrity with what matters for you.

Be sincere in your own lifestyle and preferred communication.

Find trust and peace within your own realm of awareness.

This begins your quest for “true” family.

Seek first to be what you are.

Then share your true self with others.

This attracts those who resonate and relate.


Much of what is happening online these days is the search for family and community.

Everyone will use the modality that suits their needs and preferences

People are seeking for what is right and true for them.

The more genuine you are, the more you will attract those who are aligned.

Whether seeking friendship, support, connection or a place to belong, be authentic in your desire.

The Universe serves us when we are honest and true about our search.

We all have family when we are willing to reach out in peace and openness.

Betty Lue

We are all in this together. 

All for One and One for All.

I am here With You and For You.