Monday, June 05, 2023

Healthy Relationships




When I am healed, I am not healed alone.

My forgiveness sets me and others free to be healthy.

I choose to love to bring happiness and inner peace.

Love invites miracles of loving kindness to all.

Start with yourself, your pet, your child, your best friend.

Practice with one at a time and learn to do it with everyone.

Healthy Relationship Bring Peace and Happiness.

What is missing?

Where are you incomplete?

What grievances do you carry?

Can you bring peace to your relationships?

Where we hold fear, we are incomplete.

When we try to avoid, we have fear.

What we hide, we cannot heal.

When we deny our love, we are withholding from ourselves.

What is there to do?

Love, simply Love.

Forgive the past and love again.

Judge no one for we fear our own judgment.

Peace in our relationships requires that we do not judge.

In truth we cannot judge because we do not know.

When we acknowledge we do not really know, we can let go.

When we let go of our limiting attachments,  we relinquish our grievances.

What hurts is our fear.

What blinds us is our condemnation.

What suffers is withholding our love.

What upsets us is not getting our way.

There is a time in life when we recognize, we do not understand.

There is a need within that we drop righteousness and let go.

There is a calling to trust in something greater than ourselves.

There is a place where we can find inner peace when we simply Love.

Healthy relationships are forgiving.

We are all learning to find a better way.

Mistakes are our effort to learn what works.

Everyone makes mistakes, large and small.

When we mature and trust enough, we forgive.

We encourage children and adults to continue learning.

We help others by healing our judgments and setting them free.

We heal ourselves by letting go of our condemnation and being free.

Love others as you want others to love you.

Forgive others as you wish others would forgive you.

Give your best to others to teach them how to give to you.

Everyone is learning to have and to hold love, respect and appreciation for one another.

Relationships are our challenge, our gift and opportunity to heal ourselves.

Blessed be, 

Betty Lue