Saturday, June 17, 2023

Energize Your Life!





Love what you have and let it energize you.

Enjoy each day with gratitude and appreciation.

Honor you Whole Self by relinquishing what is not good for you.

Hold onto nothing and learn from everything.

Free YourSelf!

Do you know how to energize your life?

Stop draining your energy!

Let go of people, place, things and habits that deplete your energy!

Allow life energy to flow through you without limitation or loss. 

Do you have more than you can maintain with ease?

When you have more things than you can care for, you will lose energy.

When you have more projects than you can complete, you will be depleted.

When you have more people than you can love well, you fill feel regret.

When you keep adding stuff, you simply add to your weight.

When you keep buying more clothes, you will add more burden.

When you keep emotional baggage, you will simply fill up with toxicity.

When you keep doing what doesn't bring lasting joy, you will drain yourself.

Life energy is your source. 

Let go of whatever is not yours.

Let go of stuff that is not fulfilling.

Let go of responsibilities that are not loving.

We are here to have and hold what inspires, fulfills and serves.

We are here to enjoy the life we create and undo what no longer works.

We are here to fully and freely breathe in the beauty and relinquish the chaos.

We are here to trust in the letting go process to open the flow of Goodness.

Relinquish the worry, concerns and fears.

Trust in the power of Love and Forgiveness.

Let go of what is not yours and receive the blessings.

Easily clean the closets and storage of your mind, and feel the flow.

Stay light and filled with only the good.

If what you have doesn't love you daily, let it go.

Release what is heavy and breathe in delight.

You are here to create what is good, beautiful and happy.

Take a look at your thoughts and see what is depleting.

Notice how resentful, regretful and fearful shut you down.

Observe how all the stuff waiting for you, overwhelms you.

Recognize how much space and time and energy are consumed with unfulfilling stuff.

Give yourself renewed energy by relinquishing what is unhealthy for you.

Life is your canvas on which you can paint chaos, clutter, and confusion.

White it out with clarity, choice and commitment to trust and freedom.

Open the doors and windows and invite in gratitude and delight.

Let go and feel the rush of love and goodness come into your body, mind and Spirit.

I Love loving you and freeing us all together with Joy.

Betty Lue

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.