Friday, June 16, 2023

Ding and Being




Affirmations:  (Find thoughts bring you peace and use them daily)

I am doing well.

I am happy Being Who I AM.

The more I am happy, the more I do happy things.

I feel grateful and stay in Love.

How Are You Doing?

“How are doing?” is one way of greeting one another.

“How are you being?” is perhaps more accurate to find the real truth.

I am being happy today and I am doing well today.

When we are both happy and well, life feels on purpose.

Perhaps we need to be doing good things.

Perhaps we just need to get the job done.

Perhaps we are doing what is ours to do.

Perhaps doing is how our Being shows up.

When we are happy, we do well.

When we do well, we also feel happy.

When life is good and we feel happy, all is well.

See what is true for you.

Happy feels good. 

Our natural state is Happiness.

Our natural state is Love.

Our natural state is inner Peace.

What can you DO today to feel happy?

How can you Do what is yours today without complaint?

Are you willing to feel happy even if you are not doing so well?

Can you be at peace and love yourself even when you are not able to DO?

When living with disability or disease that limit your ability to do, can you still love?

When feeling discomfort in your body, are you at peace?

It is known that peace is healing to the body.

It can be seen that those who are at peace continue to Love.

Doing well with What Is we can find peace.

Using what we have can bring happiness.

Enjoying what life offers is Good.

Recognizing and accepting offers no complaints.

Consider exchanging complaints for gratitude.

Consider choosing thoughts that bless rather than curse.

Consider feeling good rather than bad.

Consider doing what you can and value simply being here.

I appreciate choosing to be happy and doing good with what I have.

Always Loving what I do and feeling Good.

Betty Lue