Wednesday, May 24, 2023

What Do You Want?




I treat myself with loving care.

I trust my “wants” are leading me to serve.

I know I am worthy of Good.

I create and manifest Goodness for myself and others.

What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want, when you say “I Don’t Know.”?

Are you afraid to want?

Do you allow yourself to want what you want?

Are you so used to not having what you want that you don’t let yourself think about wanting?

Have you grown distrusting of yourself and others?

Are you passive and accepting?

Do you put others’ “wants” first?

Do you think your“wants” are less important?

It is possible that you are meant to teach them.

It is practical for you to lead and show the way.

It is your highest work to live your life following your own desire.

Perhaps your wants will inspire others to be honest, open and willing.

I find that desire (“from the Father”) may be listening to your inner guidance.

Your desire may be guiding you to follow a higher path to fulfillment.

Your inner voice may be showing you how to heal and live in integrity.

Consider that you have only wanted when it felt safe to be helpful to others.

When you let others want for you, you may lose your inner signal.

When you spend years denying yourself, you may not even know.

When you allow the world of seduction and sensation to lead, you may neglect your “real true wants”!

Those worldly pleasures and treasures offer are the fake substitutes rather than what is true.


Spend time every morning listening to what is your real desire.

As you say “YES’ to yourself and fulfill that which is before you, you gain clarity and confidence.

Giving yourself that fulfillment, will expand and deepen that which is yours to choose, 

You are here to contemplate, create and celebrate the life of true fulfillment.

Your wants and wishes will deepen to include that which is for the highest Good.

Your acceptance and appreciation will increase and enhance what is Good for you.

Your Joy and health and peace will inspire, support and sustain you .

Life will become fun, safe and easy for you.

We are created to create.

When we deny our creative intention, we forget Who We Are.

When we allow what is ours to have and be and do, we remember what is true.

This is our time to begin.

Even this moment….

Sleep when you are tired.

Eat when you are hungry.

Do what is yours to do with gratitude.

Live well and prosper.

When you know what your Authentic Self is calling forth, you will be energized and given the resources.

I trust in our willingness to say “YES”.

Betty Lue