Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Change The Channel!




I choose what is inspiring and good for me.

I easily change what is not healthy, happy and true.

I value what is positive and beneficial.

I quickly erase what is not my best choice.

You Choose!

Choose what program to watch.

Choose what voice to listen to.

Choose what music to hear.

Choose what thoughts to entertain.

You are the one choosing.

You can change the channel.

You can choose again.

You can turn it off.

What will you choose today?

What are you reading right now?

Where are you going today?

Whose advice do you take?

Are you listening to what inspires you?

Are you thinking what keeps you motivated?

Do you follow the angry commentator?

Do you believe the negative teacher/preacher?

Your mind can be filled with negativity, if you choose.

You can see and listen to the dark side, if you want.

Your life can be filled with positivity, if you prefer.

You can look on the light and bright side, if you wish.

It really is up to you.

What do the experts say?

Do you believe in the disheartening and doomsday messages?

If that is all you hear, why not?

But if you dislike being depressed, choose again for what you believe.

We all have choice in what voice we believe and remember.

Every moment we have the opportunity to listen to our negative mind.

We can make the choice to have the experience we want to remember.

There is no right or wrong, if it is our song.

There is no need to choose, if we want to go along.

There is only what we wish were true, when we choose our own good.

Indeed, we have the opportunity to choose the channel to fit our desire.

Be willing to decide.

Be open to choose or change.

Be grateful for what you like.

Be happy to make it your right.

Loving you as you change the channel.

Betty Lue