Saturday, May 20, 2023

Turn It Over!





I live with trust in the future.

I turn over my life to the Highest Good.

I reach out with peace and gratitude daily.

I honor the undoing of what is not good for All.

Turn It Over!

When you know you cannot control it.

When you know it is too much for you.

When you know there is too much to do.

When you know it is beyond you.

Turn it over to what is Good for all.

Turn it over to the Highest Power.

Turn it over to what brings peace of mind.

Turn it over to what you believe in.

We all need someone or something to believe in.

We all can only do what is our little part.

We all must trust in something more.

We all can only do what we can do.

To be at peace, find something to trust.

To be in love, explore what is certain.

To be really happy, find what you believe in.

To feel safe, turn it over to where you have faith.

Inner peace is healing.

Knowing there is a Higher Power feels safe.

Believing in Good expands our faith.

Living in integrity inspires confidence.

Release the past.

Respect Who You Are.

Accept others as they learn.

Extend forgiveness for all.

As we welcome change, we can let go.

As we trust in the existence of Love, we are at peace.

As we release what is not here now, we can find certainty.

As we realize simplicity is most beneficial, we enjoy life as it is.

There is a need for faith.

There is a call for inner Peace.

There is a hope for our future.

Let us turn it over to the Highest Good for All.

Let go of fear.

Appreciate what you have.

Listen to Love within.

Live your authentic Self.

Think, speak and act with integrity.

Betty Lue

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.