Friday, May 19, 2023

Freedom Is Real!





The choice to affirm, negate or deny is mine.

I choose what is healthy, happy and freeing.

I am responsible for the choices I make.

Forgiveness sets me free to choose again.

Freedom Is Your Choice! 

You can choose what to think.

You can choose how to feel.

You can choose where to go.

You can choose what to do.

You are free.

Yes, there are consequences.

But always you can choose.

Whatever you believe is best.

What is the cause of restriction?

What limits us and our choices?

How do we undo the restrictions?

How can we free ourselves?

We have duties and obligations.

We value our ethics and morals.

We live by the laws and rules.

We want approval and to please.

We choose what limits us.

We choose to be true to our beliefs.

We want to do what is right and good.

We feel best when we give our best.

We are responsible for choosing what we want.

When we are free, we take full responsibility.

We can blame others for taking away our freedoms.

We may prefer to let others limit us, so they are responsible.

Freedom may seem elusive because we are confused by conflicting rules.

Society keeps changing and rearranging what people believe and follow.

Freedom may seem dangerous because limitations seem uncertain.

Many break convention or expected limitations to see what happens.

Decide what you really want.

Look at the predictable consequences.

Choose whether the desired outcome is right for you.

Enjoy aligning your energies (mental. physical, social, financial, moral and inspirational).

It is all your choice.

Appreciate the choices that you make.

You are learning all the time, to be free or not to be free.

Loving our freedoms.

Betty Lue

This is a simple song I wrote to remember!

Forgiveness Sets Us Free.

(Judgment gets us stuck!)

"Trust forgiveness.

Trust forgiveness.

It is true. It is true.

The only way to freedom. 

The only way to freedom. 

You love me and I love you."