Sunday, April 09, 2023

Who Believes?

EASTER Renewal

Choose to think well.

Choose to live well.

Choose to love well.


I believe we are awakening together.

I believe we are forgiving our false beliefs together.

I believe we are remembering our innocence.

I believe we are erasing our doubting and fearful thinking.

Does Anyone Still Believe?

Miracles are natural.

Love heals.

Freedom is real.

Trust in Good and it shall be.

What we believe, we will see.

What we doubt, we do without.

When we are innocent, we wash away our fears

When we believe the doubters, we will doubt too.

What is right for you will be what you want to be.

I prefer to believe: “All things are possible for those who believe.

We each seek and find evidence to convince us we are “right”.

Our thoughts create for us, to prove what we want to be.

I live what I believe.

I believe in Goodness.

I know Love is real.

I see beneath the false and look for what is Love.

I recognize I am here to clear away the fear.

I seek the Light of Inner Wisdom.

I recognize what I seek I will find.

I experience erasing the blocks to Love is my work.

I want to live in and share a world that is safe, fun and easy.

My vocation is to awaken my mind to see only what is whole, true and helpful.

I remember to Love unconditionally, serve from my heart and remember Goodness.

This is my saving grace.

When I do not forget what I believe, I am served with a good and happy life.

When I forget what I believe, I experience wakeup calls or bumps in the road.

When I am unhappy, I remember to forgive and erase my limiting creations and false beliefs.

What we can do is believe what we want to be true.

What I can do is forgive my doubting and limiting thoughts.

What I will do it to choose what I want to be and live it daily.

What we are doing is remembering to serve what we choose to be true.

How is it that we undo and unlearn what is fearful and hurtful?

What can be helpful about believing in what is dangerous and difficult?

Why would we believe what makes life worse and not better?

Collective consciousness confuses and convinces us to believe in fear, disaster and lack.

It is our Easter, our awakening, that lifts the veil and shows us what we choose to believe.

Rolling away the symbolic stone to awaken, is to recognize we are creating our own remembering.

We are here to clear the fear and return to our natural state of peace and love and eternal joy.

It is our turn to become true believers and live our own Enlightenment.

Trusting and Believing We can Remember Together.

Betty Lue

30 Days to Healing and Seeing things Differently!

This exercise has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.

This daily practice will heal and transform your life

With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.

Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.

Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:

Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.

Write and say 30 Forgivenesses as they come to mind. 

Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within. 

(No need to understand or feel anything.)

I forgive you for being mean.

I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.

I forgive my body’s limitation.

I forgive myself for being late.

I forgive everything.

Next write and say 30 Choices. 

I choose to be happy. 

I choose to be free.  

I choose to do what I love. 

I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)

Write and say 30 Gratitudes

I appreciate the energy I have.

I love being happy.

I am grateful I have you in my life.

I thank God.

PS Even a few of each is better than none.  

Do what you can and trust it is working.

Even when you are driving to work, you can do this process aloud.

The key is your willingness to DO THE WORK!