Friday, March 31, 2023

Using One Another

Give with Joy.

Receive with Gratitude.


Everything is a valuable resource to be used well.

I offer gratitude and respect to all I receive.

The more I give, the more I receive.

I utilize all resources for the highest and best outcome.

“Use" Resources with Respect.

We all “use” one another.

We are born “users”.

We use food to eat, beds to sleep, and TV to entertain.

Children use parents and parents use children.

People “use" one another.

Our interactive relationships are for the purpose of healing, learning, growing, providing, enjoying.

No matter what or where or how you live, you are using others and your environment.

We do not survive without our dependent, co-dependent and interdependent relationships.

We may seek independence, but we cannot exist alone.

We are dependent on air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and all we seek to stay alive.

In our dependence on others, we must learn how to give and receive mutually.

With our dependence on our resources, we must learn how to respect and be grateful.

When unconscious people take each other for granted, we feel unfairly “used”.

When awakening, we notice how much we need.

When we fear doing without, we often get greedy in our fear.

Begin to see and feel how much you have and often ignore.

Do you take your family for granted?

Do you neglect being grateful for your own body and mind?

Are you aware of how you depend on the basics of everyday survival?

Do you contribute to others welfare with appreciation?

Reciprocal relationships come naturally when we recognize our dependence on one another.

We are actively grateful for having what we have.

We often do not know where the food comes from, but we know we depend on the growers.

We may not believe in a Source for our land, weather, clean water, electricity, but we are dependent.

We can begin appreciating all that is.

We can enjoy what we have and use it well.

We can show our gratitude by contributing our best.

We can demonstrate our appreciation with respect and kindness.

Using is what we do to live.

It is only abusing when we give nothing in return.

Simply acknowledging our gratitude balances the giving.

Being willing to say YES when we are asked for time, money and energy opens the flow.

Consider how much you depend on others.

Notice how much you count on good water and air, health care and education.

Allow yourself to love and appreciate our leaders, teachers, bankers, farmers, workman and more.

Everyone is a gift and with our appreciation, we all receive more.

Give your Best and you will receive abundant resources with joy and gratitude.

Appreciating all you give, 

Betty Lue