Thursday, March 30, 2023

Be Happy!

March 30, 2023 

Be Happy!

It’s Your Choice.

Say “Yes" to what is Good.

Say “No" to what is Bad!


I easily let go of worry and choose to be happy.

I give my energy focus  to gratitude and enjoyment. 

I have what I want and enjoy what I have.

I am happy with my life.

Don’t Worry!  Be Happy!!

Do you know how to change your mind?

Can you stop worrying just for this moment?

Are you willing to learn how to choose happiness?

Can you set aside your negative thoughts and feelings?

What we learn in life is often an “Adulteration” of feeling alive.

We may believe that being an adult is serious and difficult and even unsafe.

I know that life can be fun, safe and easy.

However, we need to choose the life we want to have and commit to it.

 Life will follow our direction.

But we must believe and know what we want.

We need to find the inner feeling and vision of what is our choice.

Then with words and actions as well as faith, we can commit to what is our choice.

Only the individual can actively on a daily basis choose what is your preference.

If you want milk but are offered water, you must learn to say “No”. and choose again.

Often we learn to conform, comply, give in, and let others choose for us.

The universe will follow our direction when we are willing to be clear and take action.

When we learn to be obedient, we often are imprinted to believe we must accept what we get.

When we learn to be free and responsible for our choices, we simply assert what we want.

We speak out with clarity and confidence and choose what is ours.

When we understand the power lies within us, we can use it in a way that creates no resistance.

We have power tools we are born with to use consciously.

If we learned to avoid pain by letting others control us, we may not believe we can choose.

It is our responsibility to learn how to make choices without guilt or blame.

We can easily let go of our limited thinking and choose a better way.

Stop and ask yourself what you want right now.

Choose what you want and give it to yourself.

Wait for no one to affirm or confirm your choice.

Give yourself the freedom and permission to be happy.

Begin to trust you can have what you want.

Notice how good it feels to make your ideal real.

Stop denying what you really want and have happiness now.

Have the heart to live what is highest and best for you.

It is never too late to love yourself and care for your own happiness.

It is time to release the belief in limitations and end shutting down your inner joy.

Give yourself opportunities each day to be happy and free with gratitude and laughter.

Enjoy what is naturally present for you every moment with the choices you make.

Having fun, because I am choosing to enjoy my life.

Betty Lue