Saturday, March 04, 2023

It's Your Choice


I easily correct any mistakes I make.

I choose my path with wisdom and love.

I love being totally responsible for my live.

My Life works for me because I do the work.

Your Life Is Your Choice!

Make something Wonderful!

Make something Good!

Make something Beautiful!

Make something Healing and Hopeful!

Make your life what you want it to be.

Never quit on You and your dreams.

Dare to live true to the Good that lies within you.

Dare to be all you can be, no matter what others believe.

What you do is up to you.

No one can take your dreams away from you.

There is no expiration date on what you try.

Don’t give credence to the “limitation lie”.

You can be who and how you choose to be.

You can dream and dare and do what you choose.

You can have all that you hope to experience.

You can give everything or nothing as you choose to share.

It really is all up to you.

You are the One who can make your dreams come true.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

You have the Gifts you have been searching for.

When you realize you are truly responsible for it all.

You can wither and hide for fear of what you will do.

Or you can grow and reveal the power of Love within You.

Stand up for yourself and live your dreams now.

Life is the laboratory where we come to know our need to grow.

Life is a safe place in which we find all the love and courage inside.

Life is the opportunity to live our dreams and fulfill our Truth.

Life is fun and delight of experimenting with all Good and only Good.

Take time today to live life your way.

Give it a try to give and receive the best you know.

Be blessed by the powers that live within you.

Be true to what matters in your heart and mind to you.

You can have it all.

Life is your Freedom and Joy, when you give it your all.

Loving you and Loving me.

Now and always, endlessly.

Betty Lue