Friday, March 03, 2023

Be Happy!

Happiness is Your Choice!

It works for You!!


I prefer to be happy, and stop trying to be right.

I love myself and choose safety and peace.

I deserve to be happy and content all the time.

Happiness and Love are my natural state

Happiness Is an Inside Job

Are you happy?

Are you content?

Are you appreciative?

Are you pleased with who you are?

When you feel loved by you, you will feel content.

When you feel content with others, they will feel safe with you.

When you fee safe with others, you will easily be happy with them.

When you feel happy with others, they will feel loved and safe and happy.

Most people seem to believe all this happiness begins with others.

Most people believe that others can change their life.

Most people are waiting for the right person, the right kind of love to come into their life.

Most people are withholding love, happiness and safety until someone else goes first.

When you are passive and wait for someone else, you will get whatever they have to give.

When you get what others have to give, it will usually be the leftovers from their own happiness.

If others have a lot of joy and peace and love, they will share it.

When others are depleted, they will give nothing or the waste products of their own unhappiness.

When you want a happy relationship, a happy home or work place, you must first BE happy.

When you try to make others happy, you may feel like they don’t appreciate you.

When you try to make others happy, you may expect them to make you happy too.

When you try to make others happy, you may expect them to want what you give.

True Lasting Happiness comes from within.

You are the right place to begin.

Happiness does not grow in a mind filled with despair and drudgery.

Happiness requires creating your own fertile garden with negativity plowed under.

Happiness will be inspired by happy seed thoughts and happy positive feelings.

Happiness is encouraged with safety, warmth, appreciation and love.

Happiness does not rest on what others feel.

Happiness does not count on what others give.

Happiness is not something you can barter or steal.

Happiness is committing to the right way to live.

Being happy is a choice of living for today.

Being happy is a decision we make 

Being happy means allowing what is.

Being happy is a gift we can have and then share.

Happiness is a natural way of life.

Happiness comes with a peaceful mind.

Happiness is a loving way to be.

Happiness offers a positive way to see. 

When I am not happy, I am off purpose and not living my truth.

Then I forgive myself and choose again what is mine to be and do and give.

With all that I AM I life in happiness, in peace and in love.

Loving you always, 

Betty Lue