Tuesday, March 14, 2023

It Takes So Little!

Forgiveness erases judgments.

Forgiving allows the return to Love.


Nothing stops me from expressing my love and gratitude.

No one can keep me from giving my best.

I apologize and easily forgive all mistakes.

I am here to be Love, to share Love and receive Love with Gratitude.

So Little Means So Much!

It takes a smile to feel welcome.  

It takes a “please” and “thanks” to feel safe.

It takes a moment to show you care.

It takes a little forgiveness to heal.


How much do you seek respect?

How much do you want peace?

How much do you desire happiness?

How much do you long for love?

When you have hurt someone, say "I am sorry."

When you have offended someone, apologize.

When you have forgotten someone, let them know you are sorry.

When you have not been kind and considerate, apologize.

Being sorry is a way of showing you care.

Apologizing is your way of being considerate.

Letting folks know that you truly are well-meaning is a display of kindness.

Saying “I am sorry requires so little and gives so much.

When you are wanting anything from anyone, say “Please”.

Stop demanding, threatening, expecting and being inconsiderate of others.

With family members, partners and children, always say PLEASE”.

This is the primary way we teach manners and show respect.

When you receive an answer, a meal, help or kindness, always say “Thank You!”

When you have been served by anyone on the phone or in person, remember to say “Thanks!”

When you share your gratitude with others, they feel valued and respected.

Teach everyone by your example how to be courteous and respectful.

When you know you have judged, Forgive to clear you limiting thoughts.

When you know you have criticized, Forgive to undo false expectations.

When you know you have hated, Forgive to heal your heart.

When you know you have avoided or neglected, Forgive to find inner peace.

Express your Love by saying and writing and thinking and showing,I Love You!”

Get over the fears of freely using the words “I love you.”

Stop withholding your love and let it be said and shared and show.

You are created by Love for the purpose of Loving.

I Am Sorry.

Please Forgive me.

I Love You.

Thank You.

These four statements will heal you, your family and your world!

Betty Lue

Everyone wants respect.

Everyone wants to feel safe.

Everyone wants to be heard.

Everyone wants to be valued.

Listen to your own need safety, respect, and value.