Monday, March 13, 2023


Change Brings Life!


I affirm right action that heals .

I trust myself in learning.

I free myself to renew my life.

I accept the change that allows me to fully be.

Change Is Natural.

Are you changing?

Are you healing?

Are you learning?

Are you renewing?

We live in a physical world of natural changes.

When we are static, we are not fully living.

When we are allowing ourselves to learn and grow, we are healing and renewing.

When we are changing, we are allowing what is good for us.

All natural change is letting go.

As we let go of what is no longer good, we allow space to heal and grow.

As we free ourselves with trust, we open ourselves to what renews us.

As we trust, we allow ourselves to be new again.

Can you feel yourself be made new again?

Do you notice when you feel free of the past?

Are you noticing signs of spring coming?

Do you anticipate healing and revealing the Good in you?

When we get stuck in what has been, we neglect what is being healed.

When we complain or tell tragic stories, we retain their memory.

When we continue to see ourselves as limited or hopeless, we hold ourselves hostage.

When we forget to set ourselves free with forgiveness, love and trust, we get stuck.

Allow change.

Forgive what was and seek what can be.

Step into your highest vision with freedom and trust.

Be like the spring and allow the blossoming of what is whole and good.

Connect with those who inspire you.

Seek what is truly good for you.

Know that healing is happening.

Receive natural changes and learning.

All things work together for good.

Healing and the return to wholeness is natural.

Let it be and be grateful.

Trust and free yourselves to receive all the good.

I am healing and revealing the miracles of love.

I am receiving all the changes that are good.

We are here to trust the changes and allow ourselves to learn.

Change is our natural state.

Letting go and letting Goodness to be.

Betty Lue

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.