Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Remember Love


I forgive my forgetting and remember to Love.

I easily open my heart and mind to Love one and all.

I trust and free the Power of Love within me.

I am happy and peaceful when I remember to Love.

Love the One You Are With!

Love is who you Are —unless you forget.

If you are alone, Love YourSelf.

If you are with a friend, Love.

If you are with family, Love.

If you are with nature, Love.

The call we have chosen is to be Love and see Love.

There is no spot where Love is not.

There is no lasting call to remember but Love.

Love sweet healing and remembering Love.

What is this experience called Love?

How does Love work and heal and bless?

What can we do with this Love we are?

How do we show up in this world of Love?

Pay Attention to Love being given and the call to give Love.

Show Up with the openness and willingness to share all you are.

Tell the Truth about the Love and its value to be given and received.

Let Go of need to get a reciprocal response of Love where it is needed.

Your expression of Love can be silent or open-hearted appreciation.

Your loving touch can be a simple smile or healing touch.

Your gift of love can be a good meal, a flower or act of kindness.

You are always expressing Love and with awareness your love means much more.

Love needs no defense, because it protects you.

Love needs no explanation, for it is innocent in its nature.

Love has no barriers, because it is all in all and for all.

Love does not judge, for it sees beyond all differences.

Love is in all that is, when we do not distort our perception.

Love comes forth from Love, because we are created in Love, by Love and for Love.

Love is all present and inclusive, because it has no separation and is universal.

Love is all-powerful, because it prevails no matter what seems to be experienced.

Love with your voice, your hands, your look, your thoughts.

Love with every breath, every word and every action you take.

Love through all time, past, present and to come.

Love all peoples, all places, all generations and all history.

With love there is healing, understanding compassion and completion. 

With remembrance of love, we return to our natural state of wholeness.

And so it is.

Loving you always, 

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue