Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Affirmations: (Use positive words to remind You!)

My life is in order.

I am free to create the life I want.

I put people before things.

Order in everyday affairs creates happiness, health and inner peace.

First Things First!

#1Choose what is best for you and your family!

Stop wasting time, energy and money.

What comes first?

Are your priorities what you really value?

Is your life an example of what matters to you?

Are you using your time and energy wisely?

When everything is in order, there is plenty of time to do what matters most.

When everything is in chaos, there is limited time to find and do what is right for you.

When your mind is conflicted and confused, time is lost trying to get on track.

When you are lazy or procrastinating, life will be in charge and you may feel out of control.

Put away childish habits and immature choices.

Choose what is really valuable today and in your future.

Give yourself credit when credit is due.

Your wise and mature choices will be reflected in the harmony and success in your life.

Simple daily assessment.

Are the dishes done?

Are the bills paid?

Is my bedroom tidy?

Have I apologized (made amends) for my mistakes?

Am I eating, sleeping and being productive everyday?

Do I share my gratitude with those I value?

When I go to bed, do I feel content?

If not, where do you begin to take charge of your life?

How do you find freedom in an “unfree” world?

Who or what do you depend on to get things done?

How much do you really want to have a happy, healthy good life?

This is your time to live and learn from your own life.

Before you mind another’s business. mind your own business.

Before you waste your energy complaining about someone else, clean up your own act.

Before you distract and delay yourself, get busy doing what needs to be done for you.

There is always time to do what needs to be done.

Feed your family well.

Be kind to one another.

Listen to what really matters.

Give attention to real needs.

Turn off the TV and step away from your computer.

Set down your phone and look around you.

Handle what is there in front of you with ease and gratitude.

What matters is that you demonstrate your wisdom, love and courage in giving your very best.

Life is to be lived well.

Clarify your priorities.

Align with your values.

Live your principles.

Reach your goals.

You can, when you believe you can.

Just DO IT!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue