Monday, January 16, 2023


I use my life well to make a difference.

I respect the opportunity to give the best in me.

I seek to contribute to those around me.

I live well because I appreciate the life I have.

How Are You Living?

Live well  = Give well

Are you living well?

Are you giving your best?

Are you loving yourself?

Are you loving your life?

Take an inventory of how you are doing.

Take an assessment of what you are doing.

Take stock of how much you are spending.

Be willing to see, feel and know your life story.

Today may be the best time to really stop, look and listen.

Pay attention to how you feel.

Notice the state of your body and your health.

Look at the quality of your family and friendships.

To make a difference you will need to take impeccable care of yourself.

To be your best self, honor your own personal life.

No more secrets or undone stuff that you don’t take care of.

Dig into what is holding you back and see what is off track.

When you live WELL, your life goes well.

When you give your best, your self respect takes care of the rest.

When you love yourself, you have the energy to do what needs to be done.

When you live, give and love well, you are healthy, happy and prosper.

Take an inventory.

  • Is your bedroom clean and relaxing and ready to rest well daily?
  • Is you kitchen clean and stocked with healthy food ready to prepare?
  • Is your body and mind energized and inspired to be helpful?
  • Do you save, spend and share money wisely?
  • Are you complete in all the agreements you have made?
  • Are there relationships which need your apologies, amends and appreciation?
  • Do you contribute your best at work and home?
  • Is there a change in attitude that is needed to give your best?
  • Have you cleared your mind of opinions, prejudice and beliefs that are hurtful?
  • Are you willing to be forgiving, kind, respectful and helpful to those you encounter?
  • Do you see what needs to be done and just do it without blame, guilty or complaint?
  • Do you fill yourself with good quality media that inspires and lifts your attitude?
  • Do you reclaim your joy for living by giving what you enjoy?

Seek ways to live and love that inspire you.

Choose to do what you do at home and work with self appreciation and a positive mind.

Acknowledge yourself and others in ways that encourage you in feeling happy and loved.

Live and give your self to a life that is fulfilling and filled with gratitude and joy.

You can make a difference to your own life!

Loving myself so I can love you better.

Betty Lue