Friday, December 23, 2022

What Do You Really Want?


I am always giving and receiving All I AM.

Life is rich with love and joy and peace to be shared.

I live for Good and Goodness Sake to be given and receive.

My heart’s desire is to know Peace on Earth for all Humanity.

Allow Your Wants to Be Revealed to You!

What do you really want?

Do you long for things?

Do you seek to Belong?

Do you want to feel Good?

If you allow yourself to desire, you will seek what you really want.

If you let your ideas fill your mind, you will feel the realization of your highest desire.

If you speak your own words of innocent longing, you will know what you really long for.

If you are willing to reveal your heart’s desire, you will seek the experience you want to have.

Have you allowed yourself to really want?

Are you asking for just the surface of what is REAL for you?

Listen to yourself describe the feelings you want to have?

Let go of limitation with the realization you have only what you have sought.

If your “wants and wishes” are not enough for you, you will miss what is true.

If you seek only the physical pleasures, you will not experience the heavenly treasures.

If you are stuck on the material, you may not know the value of what is within you.

Learn to ask until you are content and at peace, rather than momentary gratification.

You are more that what comes under the tree.

You truly desire all that you can be.

It is time to believe you can have the fullness of life.

When you realize the experience you want, you can have it now.

Some choose to “not want”.

Some choose to ask for others to give to them.

Some choose to deny what they really want.

Some choose to expect magic to happen.

It is time to imagine, clarify, commit and start living and giving.

When you see a bell ringer, give.

When you notice a lost dog, give.

When you understand the need for a hug, give.

When hear a crying child, give.

When you want more sleep, give.

When you feel lonely, give.

When you feel poor, give.

Give a prayer a hug, a smile.

Give a call, a song, some help.

Give some caring, some sharing, a warm meal.

Give the love within you to one and all.

All of us are born to be “givers”.

When we forget or neglect to give, we become needy and greedy.

Always give what you really want to have an give even more.

The gift is not truly given until you receive the gift of giving.

This is truly Abundant Living.

Live a life of “giving”.

This is truly what you want to be and have and do.

To Have All, Give All to All.

Loving you for giving the True gift of fully Being YOU!

Betty Lue