Saturday, December 24, 2022

Trust In Love

Love is the Gift We Give!


I trust in you and me together in Love.

I trust in the Goodness within all creation.

I trust in forgiveness as it clears the fear and misperception.

I trust the power of Love to heal all things and return us all to wholeness.

Trust in Love

In Goodness do I Trust.

In Love do I Trust.

In Peace I do trust.

In Wholeness do I Trust.

All things work together for Good.

When I believe in miracles, I must believe in Love.

When I believe in happy outcomes, I must deny fear.

When I believe in the Power of Love, I must forgive threats and fearful predictions.

I am confronted with fearful outcomes. 

I am offered fearful beliefs.

I am presented with fear-based teachings.

I am given toxic material to read and pass on.

I must deny, forgive, undo and let go all fear.

Or I will collapse under the weight of fearful things.

I choose to turn away from the darkness and see the Light.

I give us all the best I know to live in de Light.

Give up on what is dark.

Give in to what is Light.

Deny what comes from fear.

Embrace what comes from Love.

This is another choice.

What we choose will be our experience.

What we embrace will be our shield.

What we share will be our comfort and protection.

The Christ is born in us as the Light of Goodness. 

Our Inner Light is our guide and direction.

The life force that guides us shows us how to Love.

The Love within us gives us the courage and wisdom to share what is Real and True.

Yes, there are many stories and versions of the stories, but it is time to reveal our own story.

What we believe we will conceive and achieve.

What we focus our attention on empowers what we want to be.

So believe and pay attention to the story that inspires and lifts you into being your highest potential.

You and I make the difference.

We share and show how we want out life to be.

We can always change and fine tune our thoughts, words and activities.

Be the Light you Seek and Share the Love in You.

Loving you with a heart that is true B’Lue.

Betty Lue