Friday, December 09, 2022

Happy Endings?

Use my affirmations for yourself. 

Change them to fit for you. 

They are written with YOU in mind!


I prefer being happy about the changes in life.

I choose to listen, learn, forgive and love no matter what.

I accept what I do not know or understand.

I trust all things work together for Good.

Are There Happy Endings?

With Forgiveness and Love all things are possible.

With judgment, confusion, pain and fear, everything feels incomplete.

When we experience loss, death, divorce, devastation, rarely is there a feeling of completion.

Without a proper memorial and forgiveness, endings will be unhappy.

When you persist with the intention of completion, you will achieve what you want.

When you focus on the Highest Good for all concerned, you will find the outcome you seek.

When you allow yourself to let go of “your way”, you will achieve what is truly good for everyone..

When you are open to seeing things differently, you will be guided to the “high” way.

Fairy tale endings mostly are fiction and fantasy, because they guide you to your own need.

Real happy endings are focused on the over-riding goodness for everyone involved.

They erase, dissolve and delete what is destructive, desperate and denying Goodness.

Happy endings are peaceful, complete and accepting of the universal differences.

You and everyone deserves true happiness.

Our human drama perpetuates the myth of winning, revenge, selfish interests and unconscious karma.

Our fascination with dramatic stories, miracles of intervention, and wishful thinking are confusing.

People seem to deny their own right, responsibility and choice to be happy.

There can be what we call poverty, ignorance, and pain and still the blessings of happiness remain.

People often find in their faith and prayer, the awakening of hope, faith and love.

Innocent (non judging) people clear their fear, anger and despair and experience blessings and gifts.

We can all relinquish our self absorbed thinking and seek a higher vision and right perception.

When you become aware of “what seems to be”, acknowledge your own perception.

When you see what you see, you can forgive your limited vision and let go.

There is a moment of clarity in which you will realize what is yours to see.

As we allow and accept the higher perception, you begin to appreciate the peace you know.

Happy endings belong to your own choice.

Positive realizations come from what you choose to reveal.

Healthy learning is experienced when you see to know what is healing for you.

Peaceful completion is the recognition and acceptance of the parts we play.

Everyone has the opportunity to take full responsibility for the acceptance and allowance of what is.

We all can learn from everything.

We each can be responsible for our perceptions.

We together can choose to change our minds and choose again.

Our lives give us endless opportunities to enjoy new beginnings.

We can undo the resentments and resistance to what we may experience.

There is always and invitation to complete every interaction, experience and ending.

Life flows freely and easily when we truly let go of the past and move into the next moment.

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

You can choose to use it all for your Good.

Respecting your journey and mine.

Betty Lue