Saturday, December 10, 2022

Clearing Guilt


I forgive everything and everyone, especially me.

I let go and learn to love myself for Who I Am.

I allow myself to learn from my mistakes.

I return to love and forgiveness as easily and quickly as I can.

What Guilt Does….

Guilt is what we feel when we are not living on purpose.

Guilt is how we act when we hurt, offend or stop caring.

Guilt shows up when we lie, cheat and steal from ourselves and others.

Guilt is the lack of energy from denying our own highest potential.

Guilt acts weak and defensive.

Guilt withholds love from Self and others.

Guilt withdraws and hides with separation, addiction, self harm and negative emotion.

Guilt projects blame, criticism and anger on those around you.

When we live our highest potential, we do not feel guilty.

When we are at peace and happy, we do not feel guilty.

When we live and let live, we are not feeling guilt.

When we freely forgive and love others, we have not reason to experience guilt.

Often, we punish ourselves and others when we experience guilt. 

We may get sick or injure ourselves with our guilt.

We may do harm to others with our own guilt.

We may leave or demand they leave when feeling guilt.

Most people deny and hide their guilt.

Many do not know they are withholding their best.

Often people are accusing others of what they do.

When we see how much harm we are doing, we usually want to leave.

The projection of our own guilt onto others is the way we try to avoid feeling guilty.

Staying away, separating, or avoiding the one who we have harmed is one way to deny our choice.

Being judgmental and critical is our defense against the truth.

Playing incapable, ignorant, defensive is often used an excuse or justification.

When upset for any reason, it is the proof we are not living our truth, values and purpose.

When we are not kind, helpful and caring, we are unhappy (guilty) with ourselves.

When we blame or criticize the other, we are demonstrating or projecting onto them.

When our life is not working, we are unaware of how to live purposefully.

The healthy choice is to take our own inventory.

The healing choice is to say, “I am sorry. Please forgive me.  I love you and thank you.”

The helpful choice is to forgive our unconsciousness and neglect and choose again to be responsible.

The honorable choice is to acknowledge our responsibility and affirm our willingness to live on purpose.

We all have this “governor” of our attitude and behavior in our feeling guilty.

When we fail to acknowledge our mistakes and lack of honorable focus and direction, we bury our honor.

When we project guilt onto blaming and criticizing something or someone, we are in denial.

We can always choose to go soul searching to find the source of our guilt.

This is the beginning of forgiving our lack of purpose and fulfillment.

I am sorry we deny ourselves happiness.

Let us forgive ourselves for using guilt.

I love you and thank you for being willing to forgive you and me and all of us.

Betty Lue