Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Gifts of Love


Loving everyday the inspiration I give and receive.

I share gifts that make a difference to the One who Receives.

I seek to be present with those who enjoy my Presence.

Always sharing with all people and creation the Best I Know.

Gifts of Love

At Holiday time most think of giving and receiving actual presents.

But maybe this is the time to think about your Presence?

Are you the Presence of Joy, fully enjoying the life you live?

Are you the Presence of Peace, easily accepting what seems to be?

Are you the Presence of Love, offering hugs and appreciation?

It is easy to offer what you buy, but do you consciously see the Gift of You?

Perhaps you are here to comfort and encourage?

Maybe it is time play and have fun, really healthy fun?

Consider the possibility you are here to nurture and nourish?

There are so many meaningful gifts not being given.

The gift of receiving with wholehearted gratitude.

The gifts of genuine appreciation and kind words.

The gift of quality time, talking, playing a game or taking a walk.

Grandkids spend hours drawing and putting together personal gift coupon books for their parents. 

Have you thought about what you can give without spending money?

Have you considered the true value of your “gifts”?

Are you willing to give a gift of connection and real love?

Consider that Love matters most.

Your gift is the true gift you bring.

Your Presence and your caring make a difference.

When you genuinely share and care, the receiver can feel your Love.

Love is not a duty or obligation.

Love is not a have to or must do.

Love inspires both giver and receiver.

Love is what brings joy to both.

Take some quiet time to ask what matters most.

Learn to think like Santa.

It is not the cost: it is the Love that is received.

Give what is most valued by both Giver and Receiver.

This is a healing and Holy time to remember to Love One Another

The Holiday connections are to bring us closer together.

Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza are about sharing.

Share the Light and Love with what is personally valued by giver and Receiver.

Enjoy these Holidays by sharing your Presence.

Love in the way that is true for you.

Welcome the Love that is given to you.

Let Love lead the way in all you share and do.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue