Monday, December 19, 2022

Be Free To Be!


The more I give, the more I have to give.

The more I love, the more I know I am Love.

The more I feel Joy, the more I enjoy.

Everything increases as I share my Light and Love.

Be Who You Are!

Within you are all things good and true.

There is no need to limit your light.

There is every need to shine real bright.

We need You to be All You Are.

Your Light attracts more Light.

Your Joy increases the Joy.

Your Love is the Source of your Good.

Your Kindness awakens Kindness.

You are what you want to see.

Your energy brings forth what is Good for you and me.

You influence the energies around you.

You attract what you are expressing.

This is a time of sharing gifts.

Most interpret gifts as presents.

Some know it is your Presence that is the true gift.

However, you become aware presents fade and the Presence of Love continues.

Use your Loving Light to remind you what to share.

Allow the light within you to be the gift you bear.

It fills you up with more to give and share.

The Light you share expands with your sharing.

There is no lack when you know Who You Are.

There is no loss in what you give.

There is nothing you need when you see...

The Love and Light in you sets you free.

Continue to contribute the Beauty in you.

Open your way to be giving what is You.

The Good Will and Joy is the True Gift of You.

Remember by giving and Awaken by living.

Moving Meditation:

You are the Light, so shine the Light.

You are the Love, so share the Love.

As You are blessed, so you bless.

As you receive, so you give.

Walk in the Light.

Walk in the Love.

Together, We are One.

And All is Well.

These Reminders are my gift of Light and Love shared with You.

Loving you,

Betty Lue