Sunday, November 13, 2022



I am here to teach and learn the Highest Truth of which I am aware.

I know I do not know and seek to know more.

I trust in the power of knowing I am Love and so are you.

I know the Truth will set us free.

Truth Simply Is

“Truth cannot be described or explained. It will dawn on you of itself.”

When we truly Love, we know Truth.

When we love ourselves, we know what is true.

When we love others, we see things differently.

When are open to Love, we see and know the underlying Truth in all things.

When we are fearful, we cannot know.

When we judge and doubt ourselves, we do not recognize the Truth within.

When we are judging others, our perception is distorted.

We see what we want to see.

What we conceive and believe, we can achieve.

Often, we are imagining and wishing and wanting to be.

Within there may a doubt or fear or judgment of what will be.

We block our willingness to see and believe and achieve.

What we know is really not what appears to be.

Our opinions and fears interfere and distort what seems to be.

We allow truth to come from our misperceptions.

We make up our minds to see only what we seek to be.

We can live “not knowing" but being open and willing to learn.

We can observe, research, listen and ask always to seek for the Highest Truth.

The narrow truth of our limited perceptions can be opened to see more and be more.

“I am determined to see.” is a beneficial affirmation.


See below my writings on knowing that help me to let go of my “Made Up Mind”

Allow yourself let go of your liming beliefs.

Ask to know more and be open and willing to become more aware.

Be curious and enjoy listening to all points of view.

I seek to know that which is helpful

I seek to learn what is good for me.

I seek to teach what is good for all.

I seek to understand what opens my heart to Love.

We are each given the perception that fits what we are able to comprehend.

We recognize what we want to learn and believe.

We use our truths to create what we want to be.

We know we do not “know” but may be unwilling to let go.

We can choose to refuse knowing more.

We can choose to open ourselves to knowing.

We can choose to be awake and aware as is beneficial for our Good.

We can choose to trust and free ourselves to know what is True and what is made up.

How awesome to be aware of all we do not know.

Loving you and me.

Betty Lue

I Do Not Know

I do not know that which I AM.

I do not know who you are or the part you play.

I do not know the purpose of our encounter.

I do know I AM here to allow and accept you as you are.

I do not know what I can offer you.

I do not know where our relationship will lead us.

I do not know how I am to share my Love with you.

I do know I am to share my Love and receive yours as well.

I do not know the part I am to play in your life.

I do not now know how we are to teach and learn with one another.

I do not know how our sharing will awaken and benefit each one of us.

I do know I Am here to remember the Love in me and share it freely.

I do not know and I am willing to remember.

I do not know and I am open to learn.

I do not know and I am here to be share All I have.

I do know to live fully, I must dare to always Love You.

Betty Lue