Monday, November 14, 2022



My thoughts create what I think may be.

I choose to trust and free all things to be for the Good of All.

I forgive my fears and resistance.

I look forward to positive outcomes to changing circumstances.


Change is a wakeup call.

Change asks that changes be beneficial.

Change invites us to look again.

Change opens the doors to see things differently.

What will you do with this change?

How will you adapt to what has changed?

What will you do with what will change?

How can you find peace?

The constant is change.

Nothing stays the same.

Even a picture on the wall gathers dust.

The mountain is always growing or shrinking.

Everything in this physical world is changing.

We change our mind, our appetite, our preferences.

All things change in how we see them.

In spite of our desires, everything everywhere is changing.

What we do with change is our choice.

We can voice resistance or insistence that things stay the same.

No matter what we say or do, there will be change in this world.

We can go with the flow and allow ourselves to know where the change is going.

We can adapt to what is changing within us by releasing our fear.

We can forgive our restrictions and undo our limitations.

We can trust in “All things work together for good.”

The Universe, God and Higher Power, are guided by Divine Right Action and Outcome. 

When we “hate” change, we will feel the pain of our resistance.

When we “enjoy” change, we will feel the excitement and curiosity over what is to come.

We can go with change and find our way with ease or oppose, deny and hide our discomfort. 

It is far more enjoyable and manageable to go with what is with our eyes open.

Some love the unknown and some fear it.

Some want to control the outcome.

Some prepare how to cope with what they fear.

When we are free and trust, change is welcomed.

When we participate in changes, we may feel more safe.

When we experience uncontrollable changes, we may feel victimized.

When we trust those in charge, we may look forward to future change.

Listen inside for what you can do to guide your life with inner trust and freedom.

Change will work for our good when we go along with eyes wide open and look for the Good.

Trusting in all good for All.

 Betty Lue

I have personal opinions, judgments and concerns, just as you may.

I have learned the more I resist, judge and fear, the more I feel separate from what appears to be.

I have learned I do not know what will come, so I let go and trust in the unseen and unknown.

Our fear interferes with the Greater Good.

I forgive my fear, judgment and opinions.

I stop projecting limiting thoughts on the future.

I focus on believing, seeing and creating Good, right where I AM.

And I do what I can do to allow a better, happier, healthier, kinder world for everyone.

I appreciate and trust the changes and choices you make for your Highest Good.

Betty Lue