Thursday, November 10, 2022



Together, we rise.

I choose to rise up with forgiveness and love.

I let go of the past and Know Love will last.

I extend peace and love and experience freedom and Joy.

Together We Stand

We are all here together.

In our joined higher purpose, we rise.

In our resistance and separation, we fall.

In every home, workplace or nation, we thrive and succeed together.

What you and I can do is to listen and care.

What we can do is to respond with kindness and care.

What we can do is dare to find common values and purpose.

Together we can do what is truly for the highest Good of us all.


We are one people, one planet, one together, when we love each other.

In our oneness we find compassion for all humanity.

Everyone, even those we call enemies, have a desire to be free and safe.

When we remember, we agree there is a way to live, love. laugh and be truly happy.

You can make a difference.

You will make a difference.

You are making a difference.

Choose a way that yields what you want to be.

Stop talking about the past.

Forgive mistakes and fears.

Release resentments and suffering.

Resolve disagreements by seeking reconciliation.

Begin again today with a new mind.

Open the blinds and seek the light.

Look up and find higher ground in unity.

Listen for what is for the Good of All.

When you cease being “right”, you will see the “happy” path.

When you realize that love heals and creates good, you will choose only Love.

When you value what works, you will let go of past failures.

Honor what is effective for all to stand together.

Appreciate others and yourself.

Respect everyone’s choices.

Listen for new collaboration.

Be responsible for finding a way to succeed.

In every way, we can work together.

Be willing, honest and true.

Give your best in all you do.

Commit to what is good for All.

Respecting your right to choose your way.

Betty Lue