Tuesday, November 08, 2022



Choosing what is highest and best for all is my right and responsibility.

I choose Peace and Good for all.

There is no room for hatred and fear in me.

The inner Light of Love sets me free.

Peace on Earth and Good Will toward All!

And today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

Everyday we are given the opportunity to choose for Love or Fear.

We can choose personally and collectively what we really want.

We are able to ask for the life we create and cherish.

The Freedom we have been give is a gift for us all.

When we judge this gift, we may find ourselves in fear.

When we are grateful for this gift, we will find ourselves in love.

What shall it be to set us free, to live, love, laugh and be happy?

Yes we are here to teach peace by being peaceful.

We are peace makers not war seekers.

We are love finders not fearing what threatens.

You and I bring to each day what is our will and the will for Good.

How can we not see and know that it is our choice to live in Love or live in fear?

Judgment and prejudice beget fear and separation.

Forgiveness and open-mindedness generate Love and gratitude.

We are the hope we seek and the Love that heals.

Everyone can learn easily where there is safety.

Everyone will awaken naturally when there is freedom.

All of us will remember the joy that comes from trust.

We all will recognize the Good that reminds us to Love one Another.

It is a choice everyday to vote.

Do we vote today for Love or Fear?

Do we vote this day for gratitude or criticism?

Do you vote each morning for what unites us or divides us?

Literally when we wake up this morning, we can choose the way of Goodness and Mercy.

Honestly my only true prayer is that we be grateful for the freedom we have to care and share.

It is with our genuine and natural inner Voice that guides us to think, speak and act with Love.

You can always choose for the high way, the free way, guided by your Heart.

We have made a covenant for the Good of All.

We have given this life and its daily choice to honor our covenant.

No one wants hatred and fear to prevail, so let us all lead with Love.

We all seek to live in Safety and grace and let Love and Goodness prevail.

No more selfishness.

Good for us all.

Give yourself to Love.

Watch how Good prevails.

Let us be still and Listen to Love’s Voice

Peace to my brothers, who are One with me.

We are surrounded by the Love of God.

I trust in Love within us all.

Betty Lue

Every Loving Reminder is a prayer of Love for all Humanity.

Thank for joining with me as you read and reflect on them.

Every affirmation you acknowledge is a prayer.

Thank you for seeing the power of Positive thought.

Every time you trust with affirming thoughts, you are sending your prayer.

Thank you for believing!