Saturday, October 01, 2022

Your State of Being


I proclaim the past is gone.

I can step up to the Good Life.

I will prepare myself for the best life yet.

I am all that I choose to be.

Take A Look And Correct!

This is the last three months of 2022!

October is the month of letting go of all that is not right and good. 

This is your time to forgive, release and undo what is not true for you.

Take a look at your whole inner and outer self and correct your ways.

As I listen and observe, I see a world of hurt, anger and fear to clear.

It seems the garbage collector forgot to come around to dump the rubbish.

I am guessing many parents, employers and leaders have not lived or taught well.

“Take out your garbage everyday to keep yourself and your inner and outer house clean.”

No more arguing about whose job it is to take out the trash.

No more resenting people leaving their garbage.

No more leaving stuff around for others to clean up.

No more complaining about toxic and careless words and behaviors.

It is time we each take responsibility for all that is not “right.

Let us stop our habits of eating unhealthy, rude talk, and abusing ourselves and others.

We have an opportunity to clean up our own neighborhood and stop bad mouthing others.

Let us begin by listening to what we share and declare.

Somehow people forgot (or never learned) their manners.

Our children have heard their parents curse and be unkind to one another.

Our elders have often been neglected and abandoned instead of being respected.

People often openly lie, cheat and take whatever they can get away with.

We seem to watch more “trash” on TV and in movies.

We seem to buy the latest gadget or fad without paying the bills.

We seem to make a joke out of bullying and prejudice and belittling.

 We seem to enjoy violence and expose children to hatred, injustice and sexual images.

You and I can clean up our own lives.

We can set an example for others.

We each have our own healing to do.

Let us just do what we see that needs to be done.

Stop malingering and procrastinating.

Get up and change our destructive habits.

Stop trying to be right and start doing what is Best!

Give up stubborn egoic judgment and resistance.

This is our time to rise and shine.

Lift your mind out of the gutter of despair.

Pull your emotions up from the sewer of complaint.

Stand up for what inspires your desire to be happy.

No need to blame, shame or feel guilty.

We can always forgive and choose again.

We can claim true responsibility and get to work.

Flush the toilet of the past and create the joy you want.

I can. I will. I Am!  

This is our chosen reality.

Love you mightily.

Betty Lue