Sunday, October 02, 2022

Telling the "Truth"


I tell the Highest Truths of which I am aware.

I believe that most people tell what they want others to believe.

I trust everyone has their own version of what seems “factual”.

I listen for the intention of myself and others, and this seems most “true”.

Telling the Truth

Are you telling your own truth?

Are you speaking what you have been taught?

Are you telling what will please others?

Are you saying what you feel is best?

Everyone is telling their own truth.

Some speak what is right.

Some say what feels good.

Some share what they believe.

Some just make it all up.

I have learned each person sees the world through their own eyes.

People actually see what they believe.

When we believe something to be true, we may deceive ourselves.

When we want to believe something, we may even change the facts.

No one ever sees the whole picture.

We have many versions of the truth.

There are as many views as there are people viewing.

We are swayed by our thoughts and feelings, beliefs and opinions.

Ask yourself if you lie, fib, omit or withhold consciously or unconsciously.

Children often simply say what they feel is right at the time.

Politicians often withhold pieces they believe need to be omitted.

Teachers may tell a censored version of the whole truth.

It is time to recognize no one knows the whole truth.

Information is shaped by the beliefs and emotions of the teller.

When we keep speaking the negative, the negative is more likely to occur.

Many well-informed leaders, preachers and teachers use the power of positive thought.

Affirming prayers and positive thoughts create.

When we choose words well, we can shape public opinion.

When we are conscious of the desired outcome, words can be used to create belief.

What we believe ourselves can influence others to believe what we believe.

Consider what you say, when you do not know.

Consider what you teach, when you have not learned or researched.

Consider how many you have believed who do not known the “truth”.

Consider what you can do to discern and learn what is “true” for you.

Perhaps it is time to stop calling other people “liars”.

Maybe we can be honest with ourselves and notice when we are not truthful.

Take care of what you say when you do not actually know.

Believe what you choose to believe, and know you may be wrong.

Life reminds us to “Do No Harm”.

Consider giving up attack and blame.

No need to feel guilt is you change your mind.

Speak the “truth” you believe is true.

Let others speak their “truth” too

Realize all the versions of the same story.

You can choose what you want to believe and tell.

Enjoy the conversations and differences.

Loving us all showing the way to freedom and trust in our differences.

Betty Lue

Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.