Friday, October 28, 2022

Just A Moment!


I am sorry for ever being hurried and hurtful.

I breathe in a new perspective.

I am willing to see things differently.

I am committed to communicate with clarity and consciousness.

Just One Moment!

Take a moment of silence.

Be quiet and listen to your heart.

Breathe deeply and respond with Love.

Take a time out and you will see things differently.

When we are rushing and reacting, we tend to be emotional. 

When we are too busy to open our minds, we tend to react impulsively.

When we forget to look deeper, we often do whatever is on the surface of fearful reaction.

We must learn to pause and ask for a better way to see and respond to what seems to be.

Just a few moments of quiet will calm you.

Taking a deep breath or two will relax you.

Learn to step aside and open your mind.

Break habits of reactivity and learn to respond.

Remember that what you see is not always true.

Recognize that what you feel is not always accurate.

Understand that past events cannot predict the future.

Realize that you want to respond with the best of you.

Ask for a moment when you are confused.

Take a break when there are inner and outer conflicts.

Silence is golden when emotions are high.

Prayer and healing occur when we quiet our minds.

With family, break the bad habits of critical comments.

Relinquish the need to always be right in a fight.

Undo what you know is not really true.

Stop the need to be heard and get the last word.

Be the one who doesn’t need to win.

Be conscious person who calms the flow of negativity.

Be open to letting go of the hurtful words.

Just listen and respond with kindness and respect.

You can do it.

You are the awake and aware.

You can stop the fighting.

You can show your love.

Step away and breathe.

Relax your mind and your body.

Change your attitude to gratitude.

Release the past history and simply Be.

Listening with love,

Betty Lue