Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Don't Waste Time


I remember to turn toward the Light.

The more I see and know, the more I choose Love.

I change what I can change with ease and gratitude.

I use what I have to create and appreciate the Good.

Stop Complaining and Blaming!

When the “negativity bug” hits, we go down like sick bugs.

When we join with others in going dark, it is difficult to turn on the light.

When we start believing in gloom and doom, we turn away from the sun.

Step out into the fresh air and sunshine to see the Light and be the Light.

If you are attracted to dark stories, depressed and angry people, you will neglect your own wellness.

If you hide under the covers in fear and helplessness, you will fall prey to being victims of what is not.

If you believe in lack, littleness and limitation, you can make yourself believe that the false is true.

If you forget or neglect what is true and the power of creation within you, you may get sick.

There is work to get out of bed and the darkness in your head and step into the light.

There is choice in listening to the voices of possibility and creativity, and trust in the Good.

It takes just a push of a button to turn off the negative press, turn away from the harbingers of fear.

It requires you take charge of you to remember what is right and good and helpful and strong.

I count on you.

I count on us.

I trust in the Light to show us what is right.

I trust in the Love that lifts us above the judging ways.

We have the opportunity once again to choose our own path.

We have the choice to give voice to what will lead us Home.

We have the gift of forgiving and really living with Love.

We have what it takes to remember Good for Goodness Sake.

We can dare to care and share how much we truly care for one another.

We can display ways to practice and pray for what is good and whole and beautiful!

We can step out each day to think and say what inspires, heals and uplifts.

We can follow a path filled with gratitude and joy, to remind us all to behave in kind ways.

Remember, everyone who is not loving, is calling for healing and love.

Everyone who is negative and unkind needs to be forgiven and shown a better way.

Remember we all have the power to turn on the light with right talk, right action and right prayer.

You are I can make a difference as we forgive ourselves for forgetting to love.

Love is the only true and lasting power.

Love is the way to walk in gratitude.

Love is the path to return to the Light.

Love is the Gift we are here to receive and Give.

You are teaching everyone with what you think and say and do.

Choose wisely what you want your family, community and world to learn from you.

Be the One to teach all Humanity.

Be Whole and Happy and Free.

I See You.  I Know You.  I Love You.

Betty Lue