Thursday, October 20, 2022

Be Willing To Do The Work


I prefer doing the work to give my best.

I am happiest when I make the effort.

I am rewarded by doing what I can do.

I respect, trust and appreciate myself for doing my real work everyday.

The Easy Way

It is easy to fall down.

It may be hard to get up

It is easy to stay in bed.

It may feel difficult to go to work.

It is easy to let things go.

It requires energy to speak up.

It may seem easier to not care.

It requires intention to be helpful and kind.

It can seem easier to go along with negativity.

It requires conscious choice to be positive.

It seems easier to go along with gossip.

It requires energy to step away and be thoughtful.

It is easy to feel bad.

It requires energy to do something good.

It is easy to quit.

It is work to keep going.

It may seem easy to judge.

It requires openness to forgive.

It takes little to procrastinate

It takes initiative to get it done. 

It is easy to apologize.

It is work to make amends.

It is easy to say ”Hello”.

It takes thought to initiate conversation.

It is easy to be an acquaintance.

It takes time to become a friend.

It is easy to ask “How Are You?”

It requires effort to listen and care.

How much effort do you make in being a really Good Human Being?

How much time to you take to listen, learn, love and let go?

How much love do you share with others?

How much do you contribute to make where you are a better place?

We are totally capable and responsible to change every thing for the better.

Let’s do it together with gratitude and joy because we can.

Its easy if you want to do the work!

Betty Lue