Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What Do You Feel?


I join with humanity in healing our hearts and opening our minds.

I feel what is temporary and turn to what is eternal.

I forgive the pain of my brothers and contribute to what is whole and good.

I still my mind, open my heart and reach out with love.

Do You Feel It?

Do you get it in your gut?

Do you feel it in your heart?

Do you know it in your head?

Do you hear the call for help?

If you don’t know what to do to help, what do you do?

If you hear cries in the wilderness, how do you respond?

If you feel the pain in your body, what comfort can you bring?

If you know the fear in humanity, how can you bring safety and hope?

Do you join others in their pain and get stuck?

Do you feel others drama and stay there with them?

Do get seduced by the information of disaster and difficulty?

Are you caught up and even addicted to the news?

It is time to move the emotional energy.

It is yours to change the channel.

It is an invitation to respond with kindness.

Life is calling us to start focusing on the Goodness and Love.

You can calm the storms in your mind.

You can put out the fires of fear. 

You can shine a light on the darkness.

You can seek a better way to respond.

This is our time of great choice once again.

You will notice that when you see what is wrong, you can do something to make it right.

You will observe that what you focus on seems to increase and expand with your attention.

You will experience that panic comes from the inability to self soothe and bring peace to yourself.

Are you fueling your rampant reactions with your talk, imaginings and behavior?

Are you calling for more fear in others or healing and soothing the uncertainty?

Are you trusting in the need for love and responding with peace?

Are you aware of the power of Goodness and Love within you?

Let us do what is ours to do.

Love your family, your neighbor and yourself.

Contribute to the Goodness in your community, schools and places of worship.

Give your thoughts and prayers, your words of kindness and affirmation and your service only to Good.

We are being called again to give the best we have within us.

Now is our time to be sensitive to the call for Love and the release of fear.

Love is letting go of fear.

We can be grateful and trusting and contribute to the Good in ourselves and others.

Thank You.

Always Loving and believing in you and all Good for All.

Betty Lue