Thursday, July 21, 2022



I treat others with honesty, respect, appreciation and love.

I am respectful of the differences we share.

I choose to be authentic about who I Am.

I treat others as I want to be treated.

Definition of “civility”: Polite, reasonable respectful words and behavior.

Do We, as a People, Remember How to Be “Civil”?

What were you taught?

I was taught to be polite.

What have you learned?

I learned to be respectful.

What were you asked to do?

I was asked to be helpful.

Tolerance with Trust

Let us be tolerant of differences.

Let us trust we all are learning and healing and growing up.

Let us remember we were taught to behave and think and speak differently.  


Honesty with Gentleness

Let us tell the truth with kindness.

Let us be honest with forgiveness.

Let us remind ourselves that we all have much to learn.

Patience with Open-Mindedness

Let us allow life to flow as we awaken together.

Let us teach and learn without prejudging.

Let us respect the natural process of letting go and creating anew.

Joy with Gratitude

Let us celebrate our Goodness.

Let us be glad we are all here together.

Let us fully appreciate the Wonder of the Earth we share.

Faithfulness with Wisdom

Let us have faith in the Inner Wisdom that guides us.

Let us follow the principles we believe in.

Let us be confident in the intrinsic Unity of Humanity.

Generosity with Respect

Let us give our best to everyone.

Let us give and receive what is good for all.

Let us contribute respecting the gift, the giver and the receiver. 

Love with Peace

Let us value one another.

Let us share our thoughts and words peacefully. 

Let us love one another as we want to be loved.

Let us choose to be polite, reasonable and respectful with one another.

Blessings for remembering to be Love.

Betty Lue