Monday, July 11, 2022

Something New


Change allows me to see more and be more and have more Joy.

Novelty and diversity opens me to feeling forever young.

I love to learn about new people, new places and new possibilities.

I open my eyes to see the world I long to see when my heart is open.

Try Something New!

If at first you don’t succeed, try something new.

If you keep doing what doesn’t work, you will keep failing.

If you wake up to what is wrong, why not try something different.

There is a belief that if you try harder, we can change things.

What do you believe?

Will you get what you want if you focus on what you don’t want?

Will you stop making mistakes if you try harder?

Will you be better changing your mind and looking for something new?

When you try something new, open to the experience.

When you step out of your comfort zone, are you trusting yourself?

When you allow yourself the freedom to change, do you focus on success or potential failure?

Are you willing to do something new and enjoy the fullness of the experience?

Venture into the unknown.

Travel to unknown territory.

Explore new foods and places.

Meet new friends and explore differences.

Have you experienced different faiths or religious services?

Have you visited convalescent hospitals or assisted living homes?

Have you watched or learned new sports or games?

Have you visited unfamiliar countries and listened to new languages?

Do you resist, block or avoid new ways of living?

Are you afraid of new people and places?

Have you been taught to be afraid of new customs?

Perhaps it is time to try something new!

The more open-minded you are, the more enjoyment you will experience.

The more you are willing to explore novelty and new ideas, the more you will grow.

The more you enjoy your life, the less you will be afraid.

The less fear, the more love.

Often as we age, people often get stuck in old habits and what is comfortable.

When we get stuck with fear or resistance, we may get brittle physically and mentally.

Some call it stubborn, where there is usually fear and avoidance.

What can you do to try something new?

Be willing to use your mind to change things around.

Be open to exploring what you never dared to do.

Be curious about what it would be like to learn something new.

Be appreciative of diversity and novelty and unlimited opportunity.

Take care and feel the joy of freedom to fully experience and explore.

Love your willingness,

Betty Lue