Thursday, July 07, 2022



I choose to live with respect for all things.

I love, trust and respect myself in every way everyday.

I know God in All Life Matters.

The more I respect everything and everyone in my world, the more the world benefits!


What you give, you receive.

What you perceive, you strengthen.

Build a world of respect.

Live your life with respect.

Respect is natural to those who Love.

Respect is easy for those who forgive.

Respect is a gift to be given and received.

Respect is our birthright and must be honored.

Do you respect yourself?

Do you respect your body with what you eat and drink?

Do you respect your mind with what you see and hear?

Do you respect your whole self with how you use your time and energy?

Do you respect others?

Do you forgive your judgments and criticism?

Do you stop all gossip and negative projections?

Do you treat everyone as you want to be treated?

Do you respect your home?

Do you treat your possessions with cleanliness and care?

Do you use what you have and keep it all in good repair?

Do you make your home safe, healing and beneficial for you?

Do you respect your environment?

Do you use no more than what you need?

Do you recycle, lessening landfill and stop littering?

Do you live simply and stop all unnecessary buying?

Do you respect your finances?

Do you live on what you earn?

Do you save a percentage of what you receive?

Do you contribute to what benefits you and others?

Do you respect others’ ideas and beliefs?

Do you allow others to explore their own beliefs without your judgments?

Do you free yourself from prejudice and intolerance?

Do you teach, model and trust others to learn how to live in harmony?.

We seem to live in a world of condemnation and intolerance.

We seem to have allowed and encouraged a world of hurtful opinions.

It is ours to forgive, undo and create anew.

Let us make it our mission to respect ourselves and demonstrate respect for others.

Respecting you in all you are and do,

Betty Lue