Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Free Your Self!


I am free to be all I Am today and everyday.

I forgive and release the mental chains that bind me.

I choose to let go of fear and allow love to flow.

I undo false beliefs and fear-based limitations consciously.

Free Yourself 

Let this be your Freedom Time!

Free your Self from limitation and lack.

Free your Self from little close-minded thinking.

Free yourself from feeling and thinking “unable, inadequate and never enough”.

Time to give us your own self-made limitations.

You may have learned from others you are not enough.

You may have experienced you are not able to do or be what you desire.

You may have seen that life is the grand limiter of dreams and visions.

However, this is not true of you.

It is time to give up myths and repeated dream killers.

It is time to forgive the past and step out in faith.

It is time to be and do and have what you have longed for.

You can do all things, when you know you can.

You can live your dreams when you believe you can.

You can be more that you every knew possible when you believe you can.

You are only limited by your own limiting, dependent and belittling thoughts.

Be free from what has held you back.

Undo the false you believed was true

Release you fears and judgments.

Forgive the criticism and skepticism.

Set you mind free to dream great dreams.

Set your body free from demeaning thoughts.

Set your emotions free from feeling impotent.

Set your life free from ways that have limited you.

Is your mind open and free?

Is your love flowing and free?

Is your body flexible and free?

Is your life expansive and free?

You can allow every breath to be flowing and free/

You can choose every relationship to be loving and free.

You can think with an attitude of happiness and freedom.

Your birthright is to be free to be.

Grant yourself freedom.

Open the doors of your mind to see what is to be.

Fly free from limitation, lack and littleness.

Set yourself free today with every thought and words you say.

Loving you with freedom and trust.

Betty Lue