Monday, July 25, 2022

Respond To All Things With Love


Love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember the Goodness Within.

I respond to life with gentleness, kindness and gratitude.

I take really good care of my mental, physical and spiritual state of being..

I treat my whole life as the gift of sacredness it truly is.

Are You Able to Respond?

Being responsible is being able to respond with the highest Qualities of Love.

Are you able to respond with trust, tolerance, honesty, patience and gentleness?

Are you willing to respond with open-mindedness, faithfulness and defenselessness?

Are you ready to respond with generosity and joy with Love?

Life is our gift.

When we fully receive what life offers, we learn to be respond to life with our best.

Life is a privilege.

We learn to see our lives as an opportunity to be given our best.

When we observe nature, we are amazed.

When we watch children, we are delighted.

When we pay attention to the cycles and seasons, we are awed.

When we receive our own lives with gratitude, we are blessed.

There is much complexity on the outside.

There is complete simplicity within.

There may be obvious truths on the outer.

There is an awesome mystery within.

We can respond to life with love, gratitude and joy.

We can react to life with fear, complaint and negativity.

It is our choice to respond with love or react with fear.

It is our privilege to enjoy life or take it for granted and neglect.

Life gives us chance after chance to choose again.

We can and will wake up sooner or later.

We can stay dependent and needy or self-actualized and abundant.

We are here to learn to grow up and only dependent on the Goodness of Source.

Are you willing to look within you and see all that is given you?

Are you able to see the treasures of Love that have been placed in your heart and mind?

Are you open to the wonder of life’s daily miracles and respond to them with gratitude?

Are you ready to be fully responsible for all you are given each and every day?

Relationships show us what me may have ignored or neglected.

Relationships make us realize where we have been intolerant and ungrateful.

Relationships invite us to forgive our mistakes and unconsciousness.

Relationships demand us to respect ourselves and others and the world we share.

I believe in you to be the one to remember Love!

Loving always Loving You, 

Betty Lue