Sunday, July 24, 2022



I believe Love is the Way.

I follow my inner guidance.

Life is fun, safe and easy when I listen within.

I live the Truth I know.

As You Believe……

As you believe, so it will be.

As you live, so you will know.

As you trust, so you will see.

As you give, so you will receive.

Sounds like creating our good.

Seems like living our truth.

Shows us how we can.

So we live as we choose.


Life is infinite opportunity.

There are no limits unless we choose to believe we are limited.

There is no end when we believe in eternity.

There is no loss or lack when we choose fulfillment and abundance.

How we believe is what we see.

When we believe in Good, we see the Good.

What we seek, we find,

What we know, we show.

Let us live. as we believe.

Let us share. what we have.

Let us teach. what we know.

Let us be. who we are.

Life gives us everything.

We are the choosers of what we receive.

We have diversity, paradox, complexity, amusement and distraction.

The paths are in every direction for us to decide which way to go.

We are the choosers.

When we want it all, we often are confused and overwhelmed.

When we make up our mind, we choose our “right” way.

When we know our “right” way, we let the rest go.

Becoming a master of our destiny requires we navigate our course.

When we want a course in Love, we choose the loving way.

When we want a course in adventure, we choose the adventuresome way.

When we want a course of challenges, we choose the challenging way.

Simply choose the course you want.

Choose it consistently and consciously.

Choose to delete, forgive and undo what is not true for you.

Choose to seek and find, intend and attend to what is yours to be and do.

Follow your course no matter the seduction and distraction.

Continue on your path, no matter what others may choose.

Live true to you life journey, without being tempted by others paths.

Trust in what you have chosen and you will be fulfilled on your journey home.

Living in integrity with freedom and trust.

Loving you,

Betty Lue