Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Use Your Life Well!


I recognize each day is a Gift of Creative Potential.

I waste no time to follow the calling of my heart.

I live my life with focus on what has meaning and purpose.

I know what I want and I go for it daily.

Are You Using Time Efficiently?

Are You Using Your ReSources Effectively?

You are a Source of Good to be used for Creating more Good.

You Life is a Gift of Unlimited Potential for you to utilize wisely and well.

Nothing and no one can limit us if we are awake and aware, open and willing.

We can do what we make up our mind to do with appreciation for ourselves.

How are you wasting your time?

Why are you sitting back?

How are you not doing what you really want?

Where are you sabotaging your Self?

Begin by observing all the addictions, delays, detours and distractions.

These are the areas that interfere with your productivity, enthusiasm and fulfillment.

When we bury our intentions, desires and goals under these interferences, we cannot achieve.

When we allow worldly complexity to confuse, conflict and waste our time, we lose our way.

Begin to undo what is not really valuable.

Start claiming your own power or will and choose.

Choose what you really want.

Let go what you don’t want or need.

Screen time is usually the biggest time waster and distraction.

Consider the addictive nature of Facebook, twitter, etc.

Consider how much time you spend with TV and video games.

Consider how many moments you miss with your own family.

Are you sitting, when there is always much to be done?

Are you texting rather than talking to those around you.

Are you laughing about someone else’s life and ignoring your own?

Are you gossiping away your time, judging and being entertained?

Screen time is addictive and helps us avoid our own need to create our own life.

You may have crying or needy children neglected while you are being distracted.

You may be shopping on line when you could be doing the washing or writing a “thank you” note.

Ask yourself if you are handling all the priorities and goals you have.

Time is a gift you have to be used for what is most important to you.

When you use you life well, you have no regrets.

When you focus on what matters, you have no guilt.

When you use your time, energy and money well, you feel happy and fulfilled.

Put your whole Self into this moment now.

Be present with the time you have.

Appreciate the people you are with.

Above all, enjoy this life everyday.

This is YOUR LIFE!

Make it Good for You.

Betty Lue