Monday, April 04, 2022

Where Are You Going?


I choose a life that I can share my best with others.

I prefer to follow a path of health and happiness.

I intent to ingest the best and forget the rest.

I let Love lead the way.


When You Know Where You Are Going, It Is Much Easier To Get There!

Do you know Where to go?

Do you know Who You Are?

Do you see Where you are going?

Do you like the direction of your life?

When adrift in the ocean of life with no rudder, paddle, sail or north star, how can we go anywhere?

It seems that many folks really have no principles or values they follow.

Adults and children often watch celebrities, sports figures or cartoon characters for role models.

People rarely can name someone they know to emulate as living an ideal life.

When busy trying to maintain, is there any energy left to consider what might be a better way?

If people are keeping up with daily tasks, does anyone consider what would be helpful?

If folks are doing what is expected of them, do they stop to think about their own ideal?

Are we taught to set aside time to think, contemplate, vision and dream for ourselves?

Others watch what we do with our lives, just as we watch them.

When they do see progress, healing, learning and fulfillment, they are impressed.

When they do not see us finding happiness, inner peace and success, they do not know what to believe.

It is time we all choose our own successful and creative path to where we want to go.

Make a list of your top values. (20 or more).

Be willing to commit to live these values daily.

Make a list of your top 20 desires. (20 or more).

Commit to focus on achieving these “wants.”

For many a ‘step by step’ positive plan is required.

For some simply focusing on saying YES to yourself is enough.

For others you may want to eradicate every negative thought that limits or denies your request.

Do what you believe will have the greatest likelihood of achievement.

Keys to your hearts desire lie within you.

Learn to listen on a daily basis to what you believe in.

Learn to let go on a daily basis of negative beliefs and doubt.

Learn to support yourself with your thoughts, words and actions.

Waste no time on complaining; it is draining and leaves you empty.

Waste no money on trying to buy false happiness or temporary gratification.

Waste no energy on making up dreams and schemes of getting from others what you want.

Give All to truly loving you in every way, every day, by giving yourself what really matters to you.

Look for signs along the way.

What brings you Joy?

What fills you with Peace?

What makes your heart smile?

You true happiness blesses me and our world!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue