Sunday, April 03, 2022



I listen within and choose the highest Good.

I trust the choices I make.

I free myself to be myself.

I learn from everyone and everything, including myself.

Who Makes Choices for You?

Do you let others tell you what to do?

Do you allow strangers to make you wrong?

Do you sing what is being sung?

Do you do what is popular and go along?

Do you have your own identity?

Do you take steps to set yourself free?

Do you give in and conform?

Do you judge yourself by what others are and do?

Choose for yourself.

Gather information before you decide.

Make your choices with trust and pride.

Be the one you want to be.

Everyone has an opinion.

Everyone has their reasons why.

Everyone has a belief about what is good or bad.

Why not take the time to choose for yourself.

There is no one to blame when you take full responsibility.

There is only you to trust and choose to be.

You can make up your own mind.

You can live your own life and learn.

It takes a willingness to be true to you.

And when you don’t know what to do, 

Take a risk and try it our.

You will always learn what comes about.

Life is meant to be a solitary journey of exploration and learning.

When we choose to play it safe, we get in the pack and forget the race.

When we choose to play it small, we often don’t have a voice at all.

When we choose to play it big, we choose the music at our own gig.

We seem to think life belongs to the teachers, preachers and others stars.

We seem to give our power to those rich and famous, expert and loud.

We seem to imagine we might get hurt if standing out of the crown.

We can choose to listen within and take each step with freedom and trust to win.

There are so many choices and so many voices, how can you decide?

Listen within to your own heart and will.

Listen to what moves you with gratitude and joy.

Listen to what empowers and inspires you to keep going.

Choose what works for you.

Choose to follow or to lead.

Choose to play it small or big.

Choose to be happy or live with regret.

The lessons we are here to learn will show up.

If we don’t get them once, they simply come again.

If we listen closely, we get them quickly and easily.

Life gives us a pass and we have fun, safety and ease.

Make your own choices and learn.

Loving the learning, 

Betty Lue