Monday, April 18, 2022



I appreciate you for reading and living these reminders.

I am super grateful that this is my calling and my gift.

I praise all Good in us all for All We Are and Do with One Another.

I give thanks that gratitude words exquisitely well.

The Key to Everything Is Gratitude and Praise.

Give thanks for all things.

Appreciate all you have experience.

Be grateful for what you know.

Appreciate who you are.

Give thanks for what you have.

Give thanks for what you want.

Give thanks for what you are not.

Appreciate being thankful.

It just occurred to me!

My freedom comes from being grateful.

My abundance comes from being thankful.

My loving relationships come from appreciating everyone.

I believe the key to all Good is being Grateful for all Good.

I trust the key to having all is giving all to all.

I see that saying Thank you is what keeps the good coming to me.

I know that with appreciation come growth, expansion and increase.

Start an experiment in your life, your home and workplace.

Say thanks to everyone for everything.

Start a trend with those you live and work with daily.

Appreciate openly every little thing.

Speak your appreciation with words.

Show your appreciation with smiles.

Give your appreciation with notes and gifts.

Allow your appreciation to flow abundantly for everything.

Everyone benefits from thankfulness.

Everyone is blessed with gratitude.

Everyone is filled with acknowledgment.

Everyone is encouraged with appreciation.

Everything is increased with our appreciation.

Everything is sustained with our gratitude

Everything is bettered by our praise.

Everything is enriched with our mindful blessing.

We ourselves grow in faith, love and happiness when we are grateful.

We are more aware when we give praise.

We are filled with more happiness, health and prosperity.

When we give more appreciation, we have more to be grateful for.

Do an experiment for 30 days!

Challenge yourself to say “Thank You to everyone everyday”

Notice the results in you and around you.

Watch your health, happiness and prosperity increase.

So very grateful we are friends on the path to true prosperity and fulfilment.

Betty Lue