Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Who Pays?


I forgive any choice I have made that hurts anyone.

I make amends for any place or person I have left unloved.

I commit to clean up every mistake or lack of love.

I choose to live my life with consciousness and integrity.

What Is the Cost?  Who Pays?

Do you ever ask yourself “What is the cost?”

Do you ever wonder “Who Pays?”

Are you responsible for what you do?

Are you responsible for what you say?

Do you consider what will be the final outcome?

Do you look are what is the price of your behavior?

Do you care what happens in your future?

Do you even look at what is your responsibility?

What is the cost of yelling and swearing?

What is the cost of watching violent TV, movies or games.?

What is the cost of feeding your family unhealthy foods?

What is the cost of meaningless spending?

What is the cost of divorce?

What is the cost of bankruptcy?

What is the cost of addiction?

What is the cost of discrimination?

What is the cost of not loving?

What is the cost of hate?

What is the cost of no respect?

What is the cost of foolish behavior?

Who pays for ignorant, hurtful and disrespectful choices?

The uneducated may never learn.

The children may have no role models.

The wounded may never heal.

The foolish may blame others.

The hated may choose to hate.

The addicted may be lost forever.

The families may stay broken.

The communities may lose trust.

The nation may be lost in conflict.

The world may never be the same again.

This wakeup call seems negative, for indeed we need to change our ways.

Each one of us must wake up and choose again.

You can stop the unhealthy patterns.

I can forgive and find a better way.

Now is our time.

We are the ones.

Do what you can.

Live what makes a difference.

Do what is conscious, healing and helpful.

Right where you are.

One person at a time.

Together there is nothing we cannot do.

Be the change you want to see.

Forgiving us all in every way every day,

Betty Lue

Every Loving Reminder is a prayer of Love for all Humanity.

Thank for joining with me as you read and reflect on them.

Every affirmation you acknowledge is a prayer.

Thank you for seeing the power of Positive thought.

Every time you trust with affirming thoughts, you are sending your prayer.

Thank you for believing!